Tourists told to avoid Spain as 2,255 Covid cases are recorded in the last 24 hours

Europeans have said they want a ban on British tourists going to their countries this summer because of the coronavirus.

The virus has hit the continent hard with hundreds of thousands of deaths, mainly in Spain, France and Italy.

And a new poll by YouPoll has shown that the majority of mainland Europeans want Brits to stay home this year as the virus continues to claim lives.

61% of Spanish nationals, including Brits living there, said they didn’t want them to come.

However, the Spanish were more receptive from those from France and Germany visiting.

In Germany, the figure was 58% of the population wishing Brits would steer clear, while in France the figure was 55%.

Of the 8 European countries in the poll, 7 of them were in the majority for Brits to stay away.

Italy was the sole European country where a majority was not opposed to UK tourists, though it was still opposed on net, with 44% opposed, 39% supportive, and 16% saying they didn’t know.

Only visitors from the USA and China would be less welcomed as the majority of all 8 countries said they wouldn’t be happy that international travelers from these two countries would be visiting.

44,000 people have died on the British Isles of Covid-19 compared to 35,000 who have died in Italy, nearly 30,000 in France, about 28,000 in Spain, and about 9,000 in Germany.

‘Air bridges’ have been set up between some major European nations including the UK and Spain meaning no 14-day quarantine is needed after visiting.

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