British Journalism in Spain is set to be exposed as Global247news investigators prepare to reveal dossier after an undercover investigation

Over the last 12 months after floods of complaints from readers in Spain who are mainly British, Global247news sent in two investigators on behalf of its ex-pat readers in Spain who at the time were followers of our other domains.

The two investigators who were deployed to the Spanish mainland have been undercover for just over 12 months, the investigation took longer than expected as the Chicago based investigators got caught up not only in the Coronavirus pandemic but also wasn’t prepared for their total findings.

Extra visas had to be sought from the Spanish Embassy during the full investigation, as it was not scheduled to last so long, the Embassy after reading parts of the dossier and understanding the situation, granted our investigators an extension on the basis of tax evasion and poor accounting systems by certain publications that were found of interest by the Spanish authorities, to which evidence will be provided in due course.

The dossier that will shortly be published in full, exposes gang crime connections, shady dealings, skullduggery, and shenanigans, and much more, as our investigators unravel the actual proceedings that take place in Spain with bullying rife, as well as mental torture tactics applied by some, to the more established operations in the market.

The dossier explains why ex-pat journalism on the Spanish mainland is so poor in the main and what’s behind it, one of the reasons why Global247news has entered the European markets of a news publication.

At one point during the investigation, London’s Police Force had to get involved as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) became involved following, gang mob death threats from a failed publisher’s family member.

The dossier will include and expose all the “bandits” behind the scenes of much of the ex-pat media market in Spain.

Failed Daily Mail journalists included, who ran to Spain, to promote themselves as established journalists.

The dossier will be revealed after finalization this month and is set to “shock” many British ex-pats to who publishes what, and who’s behind the words of print in the no hold back, warts and all dossier.

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