Spain Breaking News: 133 year sentence handed out to man who killed 5 Spanish priests

Guardia Civil in Cost Del Sol’s Cala de Mijas have arrested a man for a stabbing and also threatening officers with a firearm at 1.00pm today.

A man was found with stab wounds at a bar in Cala de Mijas around midday on Friday.

Local sources claimed that a young man fled from the scene after stabbing a man, leaving the victim helplessly on the floor. Local residents were quick to call an ambulance. His condition is currently unknown.

Local Police were able to track the assailant to a nearby apartment where they were met with threats of a gun. The young man, of Morrocan origin, was soon arrested after Guardia Civil stormed into the apartment to apprehend the suspect.

He has been taken to a local police station for questioning, charges are expected to made today and a court appearance is likely soon.


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