Covid-19 quarantine - Full list of 70 countries and territories which will be exempt from the quarantine from July 10th released by government

The U.K. government is about to release a list of 75 countries with whom travel will be allowed quarantine-free.

The list is due to be published today or tomorrow and will lift the foreign office ban on non-essential travel to many countries.

It is understood these destinations will include all EU member countries, all British territories, such as Gibraltar, and Australia and New Zealand.

Turkey and Thailand are also thought to be on the list.

The UK government will effectively ditch its ‘air bridge’ plans and simply end the coronavirus quarantine rules for those arriving from 75 countries so that people can travel.

Those returning into the U.K. from these 75 countries will no longer have to quarantine for 14 days upon their return, which has been the case for the first few weeks in June with people having to fill out forms saying where they’d been and where they are staying, with authorities even checking up on them.

Countries are in a panic to boost the tourism industry as billions have been forced to stay at home for months and not travel, crippling economies across the world.

The list is due to be published soon but the UK government have said that people will still need to adhere to each individual country’s rules regarding Covid-19 law.

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