Second Coronavirus Spike Sweeps Through Lisbon Portugal As Curfew Ordered

Portugal is once again under siege of the Coronavirus as capital Lisbon is set a Curfew

Lisbon has been placed under curfew with citizens having a curfew placed at 8 pm as the city suffers a second wave of infections.

Businesses must also be shut by the same time, as the lawmakers fight the latest outbreaks although they are stating at present it’s not of major concern at present.

Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, said at a news conference held in Lisbon:

“The nucleus of the problem is centered in just 15 neighborhoods, we need a stronger effort in these areas”

Costa went on to announce “In these areas, the limit on gatherings will be halved to just 10 people, and commercial spaces with the exception of restaurants will close by 8 pm”

Portugal has not seen pandemic proportions such as seen in neighboring Spain due to the fast reactions of the lawmakers in entering a full lockdown position quickly which Prime Minister Costa took great praise for from the countries residents.

The governing bodies have again reacted quickly to the rise in infections by enforcing the new prevention regulations.




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