Missing Child Madeleine McCann was probably “abducted & sold”, claims suspect’s “best friend”

Missing Child Madeleine McCann was probably “abducted & sold”, claims suspect’s “best friend” who moved to Spain’s Andalucia shortly before she went missing.

A Carpenter from Austria Michael Tatschl has opened up and confessed to being the “best friend” of Madeleine McCann  German suspect Christian Brueckner.

The Austrian believes she was probably “abducted and sold” by the German who is currently in a German Jail for child sex abuse offenses.

Forty-six-year-old Tatschl said he shared a home with 42-year-old Brueckner in Praia da Luz Portugal in 2006.

In recent interviews with the media, the Austrian described Brueckner as “a pervert” and “more than capable of snatching a child for sexual kicks or money”.

Tatschl claimed that Brueckner was “addicted with the dark web” and probably used it to “deal in pornography and drugs”. “Brueckner boasted about selling kids,” he said, adding that he believes “Madeleine was sold to a sex ring” – although no evidence of this has been found to date. “He talked about selling kids, maybe to Morocco. I was living with him at the time. He was my best friend. I know he did it,” he added.

The Austrians name emerged last week after Portuguese police services granted access to the suspect’s court records

. Both men spent a  jail sentence together in a Portugal prison after they were caught stealing fuel from trucks.

The Austrian stated he “moved to the hippy enclave of Orgiva in Andalusia” in Spain back in April 2007, just weeks before three-year-old Madeleine vanished on May 3. Also revealing that Brueckner turned up visit him in Spain shortly after Madeleine’s disappearance – around late May/early June –  “driving a Tiffin Allegro Winnebago”.

Tatschl said he thought at the time where Brueckner got the cash from to buy it:

“I assumed it was from a big drug deal or something”, he said although now suspects “it was selling Maddie”.

Brueckner only stayed a couple of days before returning to Germany after which they lost contact with each other and Tatschl returned to his home in Austria some years later.

He’s admitted that he was interviewed over two days in April 2019 by both German and Austrian police.

He also claims that he suspected  Brueckner of Madeleine’s disappearance after watching a documentary about it on Netflix. “When I saw the documentary I knew immediately that he was guilty”, adding that he believes “an arrest is imminent”.

It’s often been thought that the blonde-haired child had been sold to Morroco for a cash payment, this new evidence revealed could possibly mean the stolen child is still alive and residing somewhere in Africa.

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