British ex-pat originally from Ystradowen in South Wales had a lucky escape today on Spain’s Costa Del Sol as a large snake entered their car.

Ex-pats Gareth Williams from Ystradown and his partner Lewis Davies from Beddau South Wales were traveling in Helueva today when they noticed a head start to appear through their car’s dashboard panel.

As they were just to start the engine of their 4 x 4 pick up truck they heard a hissing noise and Gareth who was about to commence driving looked down to see a set of snake eyes and tongue through the crack in his dashboard.

Both men darted from the car in fear and called 112 emergency services to which the Guardia Civil soon arrived to retrieve the poisonous snake known as a “Lataste’s Viper ”

The footage was captured by the officers in Spain who released it to twitter.

Gareth himself was too shook up to speak to Global247news but his partner Lewis aged 43 from Beddau South Wales told us: ” Bloody hell butt, that that was frightening, we have only moved here 8 months ago, we have had no luck at all really, first we goy caught up in the lockdown that went on forever, today we decided to drive out to the country and ended up with a huge snake in our car, we could hear this hissing noise and we thought we had a flat, Gareth then just shouted “leg it butt” and bailed out the car, I ran too and called the Guardia as Gareth went into a meltdown, thankfully the cops got the snake out when they turned up, we really aren’t having much luck in Spain so far, maybe its time to go home as we seem jinxed”

The Guardia Civil officer returned the long dangerous snake back to its natural habitat near a river bed.





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