British expat living in France

A British ex-pat now living in France feared she had found a body as she cleaned up her shower tiles and finds a stash behind them

Sara Davies from Wales, who resides in Le Canon, Aquitaine in France this week decided to do some DIY and cleaning on her shower room tiles but wasn’t expecting to find what she did lurking behind them.

Sara took to social media to reveal her discovery as she told an ex-pats Facebook  group known as “Living In France” where all ex-pats share their experiences of living in France although Sara’s post was not the norm and had hundreds of members intrigued as she announced:

“Ok, so maybe I’ve watched one too many horror films but cleaning the shower room in our home today and the tiles fell away… and behind is something wrapped in a towel!!! Um yep, I’m not getting it out!!!!!

I’ll leave that to the hubby 😳😳😳”

Sara feared the worst of what was behind the shower tiles and was petrified to investigate further after watching horror movies and her imagination got it to the full flow of what could be stashed behind her shower tiles wrapped in a towel, all thoughts went through her mind, was it a head? was it body parts?  why would someone stash and wrap a towel behind a shower block?

Sara’s husband though never came to the rescue as he was still ay work whilst Sara’s mind worked overtime, she requested her son to do the deed but as she described he “wimped out” as too frightened to what he may discover wrapped in the towel.

Sara went back to Social media as she plucked up the courage and posted how she was relieved it wasn’t a head or Skull:

“OK… so an update on today’s find… It’s NOT a head thankfully…. but seriously strange to say the least… after my son wimped out I had to carry on and get it out as the hubby is still working…

I have recorded it all for you to see… I still say yuck but it wasn’t as bad as I thought…”

Sara recorded as she set about the task of pulling out the towel and was shaking like a leaf and she put her hand behind the shower wall and pull out the wrapped mystery objects.

The towel behind the shower room

She slowly pulled out the towel as she shook profusely with a terrified look on her face and then came the moment of unwrapping, as she slowly unwrapped it was clear it was body parts of a human.

A group of teeth was revealed along with some dried flowers and a key fallen away from its ring whilst strange bringing relief to Sara although she was too scared to touch.

She then informed the group members with a further update:

“Good morning tout le monde, just an update for you on yesterday’s strange find… the hubby is going to clean up the ring and key and I have just spoken with my neighbor she has the phone number for the old owner’s daughter, she’s going to give her a call and pass on my number! Hopefully, she will call and I can ask….”

“Pleased to announce though no strange happenings since pulling it out of the wall!!!!” ended Sara.

Global247news showed the video to Kansas witch doctor Maria Winterburn who explained after studying the recording” it’s definitely some type of voodoo ritual, probably a French one, I would say that they are a child’s milk teeth that have been blessed by the flower surrounding them, the ritual of growth and development and the first stage of loss of life’s parts, it’s nothing to be frightened about”
” The key resembles the opening of adult life” claimed Maria
The Find


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