A Manchester-based crime gang are targetting smokers of roll-up tobacco in South Wales this weekend

A crime gang that travels around the country and advertising cheap tobacco via social media is set to target South Wales this weekend offering fake, illegal tobacco.

The crime gang moves from area to area advertising cheap roll up tobacco and then make a quick delivery to unsuspecting smokers in a Mercedes estate, quicky collecting the cash, whilst the buyer only finds out they have been scammed when they open their first pouch of tobacco.

The crime gangs advertisement on social media

The gang target all Facebook groups in an area, duping with innocent looking profile pictures and a big image of their offerings.

It’s reported that the illegal gang has now crossed the Severn bridge into Wales to work the weekend after scamming thousands of people in the South West out of thousands of pounds.

Rob Glyde who got scammed yesterday in the South West took to social media to say: “I had the same thing to me yesterday by the same person. They turned up in a lovely Mercedes estate. I Should have checked it. There a lot of scum in this world. Anyone have an address or reg. Thanks, Rob”

The crime gang moves quickly from area to area and now has raked in thousands of pounds are known to have moved to target South Wales this weekend to ply their illegal trade.

South Wales police and trading standards have been alerted but due to the speed the gang operates so far have been unable to be caught by law enforcement.





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