International travelers welcome to France as borders 'hope to reopen'

 The French government have announced they are aiming to reopen the borders to outsiders from July 1st.

The country has been in the midst of a staving pandemic suffering 29,319 due to Covid-19 and around 155,000 cases nationally.

Josep Borrell, vice-president of the EU Commission announced on Wednesday that details would be revealed within the following days.

As of June 15th internal EU borders are set to reopen, meaning people should be able to travel freely across the Schengen Area, once inside.

However, the French government have said their measures need to be ‘progressive and partial’.

France’s borders have been shut since March, with travelers needing a special ‘travel document’ and only healthcare workers and government and military officials able to move freely.

Citizens inside of France have been set to strict measures too with green, amber and red zones with green having the less stringent measures whilst those in red zones in cities such as Paris, needing special authorization just to travel during certain times of the day such as rush hour in the evening.

Most of the country has been brought to an amber or green level with tourist locations moving fast to reopen in connection with other parts of the world.

France and the UK are set to talk about having ‘air bridges’ between the two nations once the UK’s quarantine rules run out on the 28th of June.

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