A fly-tipper in Wales has been captured by cops after leaving his details on his own fly-tipped trash

Fly-tipping has become a large issue across the UK since the introduction of the lockdown period, citizens drive to country lanes to dump their trash and the region of a small Welsh village became the lastest victim as city dwellers headed out to the country lanes to make a dump.

Village Pontyclun is a small quaint village 30 minutes west of the capital city Cardiff in South Wales, that homes friendly villagers surrounded by some beautiful green countryside.

The beauty of the area didn’t deter fly-tipper Ahmad Alishat from driving out from the region of Cardiff known as Splott to Pontyclun and sling his trash into a country lane in Pontyclun but he failed to recall that his name and zip code were on the packaging he used to dispose of his trash.

Alishats dumped trash in Welsh village Pontyclun

What Mr. Alishat wasn’t expecting though was to be traced to his home doorstep and confronted by angry villagers who witnessed the dumping on social media.

Four men from the small Welsh Village turned private detective using the zip code left on the trash and went to the home of the suspect to confront him directly.

According to a close source on arrival, Mr. Alishat first tried denying any involvement claiming someone must have used an old bag of his whilst local neighbors came out to defend him in numbers as a loud confrontation took place on the street of Splott.

This then alerted the police of South Wales who arrived at the scene at the villagers presented their evidence which led to Mr.Alishat being taken away by the cops for further questioning.

Local Villager David Evans from Pontyclun told Global247news  ” I don’t want to name the four who went to Splott to confront the suspect but from what I hear they did a splendid job representing the village, they are big lads who drink in the Windsor pub, that’s all I’m saying but the village is very proud of them for taking action, we have had enough of the likes from Cardiff coming here and dumping their rubbish in our countryside, according to the boys involved they got outnumbered by Mr.Alishat’s neighborhood but they stood their ground and the police arrived, they took Alishat away and thanked the boys for bringing it to their attention”

Mr. Alishat according to sources is believed to have been bailed pending further inquiries after spending 12 hours in the jailhouse at the central Cardiff police station.

“The Welsh are a very proud nation and it was a fine example of that” finalized Evans to our reporter who has been staying in the South Wales village the past week whilst on a 6-month vacation.



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