Worries mount for the ex teenage girlfriend of a jailed paedophile who is now the chief suspect in Madeliene McCann missing case

German police are desperately making a large surge for a woman known as Nakscije Miftari, a young Kosovan girl, who began dating chief suspect of the Madeliene McCann missing case, Christian Brueckner when she was only 17, she allegedly suffered serious physical abuse from the convicted rapist and child sex offender, there are now serious concerns for her safety as well as trying to establish if she is still alive.

In a prompt move, German authorities have issued an Interpol Red Notice for the immediate finding and locating of the Kosovan girl, who started a relationship with convicted suspect Brueckner when she was just 17.

Detectives in Britain and Germany now urgently want to question her about Bruckner’s time in Portugal at around the time of Madeleine’s disappearance as they build up the case against the main suspect.

It’s reported that the 17-year-old at the time was beaten regularly by Bruckner and possibly raped and abused during the relationship.

Bruckner is currently serving a sentence in a German prison for sexual offenses against children.

Bruckner was living nearby to where young Maddie was staying on holiday in Portugal when she went missing after being left unattended in an apartment as her parents wined and dined in a nearby restaurant.

As the father went to check on his young daughter he discovered the child was missing and raised the alarm.

Both parents have been under extreme scrutiny from the British public with allegations, rightly or wrongly that they had a part in her disappearance although now it seems there is possibly going to be an outcome finally to the unsolved case.


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