Portugal today has reopened its beaches to the public since the Coronavirus pandemic

Today is the first day that the citizens of Portugal can once again enjoy their famous golden sanded beaches after the pandemic that shut down the nation.

“Our beaches are ready to welcome beachgoers, and it is everyone’s individual duty to follow the health and safety rules that are in place, including social distancing,” announced João Fernandes.

Fernandes is the tourism chief for Portugal and it’s his role in government to achieve success in bringing back the tourists to Portugal as quickly as possible.

The majority of Portugal’s income is from the tourist trade, with many businesses fully dependent on it, without it their business operations wouldn’t exist.

Citizens were delighted that they could return to where they like to laze in the sun, especially on a Saturday like today, and expressed their delight to Global 247 News.

A beautiful Portuguese beach on the Algarve Portugal

The coast of Portugal in the south known as the Algarve is home to many nationalities from across Europe and Mary Thomas who has lived in Faro for 10 years told Global 247 News how she felt today and how well the Portuguese government have handled the pandemic: “I have to say the government have done a fantastic job throughout the whole crisis, we lockdown on time unlike our neighbors Spain and it reduced drastically deaths and infections, today now we can get back on the beaches and I for one can’t wait, many friends are coming to but we will have to self distance for safety, but that’s ok”

Portugal is becoming a favorite destination hot spot for US explorers of Europe and Michigan born Walter Riggins told us ” I am seeing more and more Americans here these days, I live in Villamora and we have recently set up social media groups so we can all connect, the beaches here are some of the best in the world and my advice is if you have not visited put it on the trip list when you can”

The last word was for the Tourism Minister though who told Global 247 News: “As a result of a large effort by the national authorities, public and private sector agents in the region to define the best practices in terms of safety and security, the Algarve is ready to restart its tourist activity. Sector agents in the region are strongly committed to reopening their businesses in a gradual, responsible, and safe manner.”


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