Spain’s holiday destinations don’t look appealing on the Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca has many establishments lay bare and are up for sale.

Spain relies on tourism, its 15%of the countries total GDP in total and far higher in the regions that yearly absorb holidaymakers from across Europe and the rest of the world.

Although after a state of emergency that the country is still under after 12 weeks and ongoing the holiday regions are looking destitute as bars and restaurants as well as other businesses that make up the financial revenues lay dormant or up for sale as business owners bailout of Spain.

The other issue though is the fact the areas that pull in the tourism trade don’t look appealing to a potential holiday booker, hotels lack entertainment outside bars and restaurants lay desolate and up for sale on the resale markets whilst there is also the factor of fear of travelling with coronavirus issues.

Spain at present has also a 14-day quarantine process in place for anyone entering the Country although the Government in Spain have made statements that they will be ready for tourism by the end of June.

Although what is seen in the glossy holiday sales brochure is not a glimmer on the reality of the availabilities to enjoy 14 days in the sun, yes the sun will shine but the rest of it is a dead duck at the moment according to Layla Lopez who works in the tourism industry in Spain’s Malaga province.

Lopez told Global 247 News: ” The regions are currently a dead duck in the water, the reality is the holiday booker can see online these days the reality of the situation whereas previously the brochure was the guide, so much is closed here and under strict regulations too, even when those regulations are lifted it’s going to take a good 12 to 16 months to even slightly recover and to look appetizing to the consumer, this is where the slow Spanish mentality will cause major issues reestablishing itself as a holiday destination, who wants to go somewhere that’s half-closed?”


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