President Donald Trump took to dialling into a golf broadcast to state he wants sports stadiums filled fast


President Donald Trump has said live sports are good for the “collective psyche” when he dialled into a golf broadcast to congratulate them on their show.

Trump said: “We want to get it back to where it was – we want big, big stadiums loaded with people,”

The sporting calendar has been torn apart by the coronavirus pandemic in recent months, but events are slowly beginning to return across the world as events have been delayed.

The president said he was bored of watching old golf tournaments and wanted events to return with big crowds across the full US sports spectrum.

The President also responded to Rory McIlroy’s vow to never play golf with the president again after his response to the COVID-19 crisis, saying some professional golfers liked his policies and others did not.

His comments came in a call to TV coverage as McIlroy and three other golfers competed in the TaylorMade Driving Relief skins tournament in Florida yesterday (Sunday 17), which raised more than $5m for coronavirus charities across the US.

Top golfer RoryMcIlroy caused a stir in many US golf soceities when he said while he had played with president Trump in the past and had great fun buthe would not play with the president again due to his stance of the coronavirus pandemic in America.


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