Jet Plane crashes from Canadian airforce crashes into house with one dead in an air display designed to lift lockdown spirits 

A jet from the Canadian air force’s aerobatics team that was on a tour intended to raise national morale during the coronavirus pandemic crashed yesterday, killing one crew member and seriously injuring the other as it ditched and ploughed through a house.

The aircraft with 2 crew onboard, climbed into the sky before rolling over and getting out of control and plummeted to the ground

One crew member ejected from the plane before it disappeared  behind trees  followed by an explosion.

The plane ploughed though a house as it hit the ground but it appears nobody was thankfully home at the time.

The airforce confirmed on Twitter just a few hours later:

“One member of the Canadian Forces’ Snowbirds team has died and one has sustained serious injuries,”

The crash happened  in Kamloops which is around 200 miles northeast of Vancouver in the West Coast Canadian province.

Kamloops has a population of 100,000 citizens and eye witness local Paul Haines told Gobal 247 News what he saw:

” I was watching from garden when one of the Jets went up into the sky and a rate of knots and did what looked like a barrell role, but it seemed to never recover and just rapidly kept heading to the ground, one crew member bailed out as we could see the ejection and parachute, to me it looked like the crew member who sits behind the pilot, the plane came right down onto our housing complex and hit a house which then exploded sparking a large fire, the emergency services were quickly on the scene though to stop it spreading, although the smell was immense”


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