Area’s of Spain are covered with large blue arrows in a fight against COVID-19 as a walking one way system is introduced

In southern Spain in an area known as the Costa del Sol, one seaside town has introduced a one way system on the sidewalks.

In the small seaside town known as Fuengirola, the towns law makers have painted large blue arrows to which the pedestrians  have to follow.

The idea from the law makers is that you walk south one side and north the otherside and than people out taking a stride don’t come face to face and that it will assist in social distancing whilst the european country battles one of the largest outbreaks in Europe.

Spain has introduced a three phase system as it starts to try to return to normality after 10 weeks of battling the pandemic, where clearance is required from law makers for regions to increase phases, the phases are increased as the safety levels go up and the town Fuengirola still remains on phase 0 as it’s known in Spain due to safety concerns.

Southern Spain’s main economy comes from tourism and the law makers of “blue arrow town” are desperate to move up phases quickly to capture back some market share and the arrow conception is one way to demonstrate to the main governing bodies that they are taking safety matters seriously.

Spain’s total GDP is normally set at 15% from tourism trade but is expected to be at present times around just 2% on next released annual figures released.

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