Yeovil’s residents in the UK are supping the cider to relieve the pressures of lockdown bordem

Yeovil which is based in the Somerset region of the UK is famous for it’s cider, which is an alcholic drink made from apples.

Yeovil Somerset has been on lock down due the coronavirus outbreak for several weeks now as the town comes up to it’s 8th week.

Although the locals of the town have been taking on board in large amounts some of the strongest ciders in the world to relieve the pressures of being on an enclosed lockdown.

The delicious local traditional apple produced drink, if bought in UK public houses, known as “pubs” sell the traditional drink at around 4 to 5% strength levels, but locals seem to prefer the stronger brewed versions by brewers who don’t supply the pub chains but direct to the consumer that reach up to strength levels of 10% and sometimes more, thus sipping and guzzling pints that are as strong as a glass of wine.

Adrian Vincent Hardened Cider Drinker Promotes To The World On Social Media

One resident of the quaint Somerset town Yeovil, even goes to the lengths of promoting himself via social media drinking large amounts from his hot tub ot from his self made purpose bar that he’s branded Vincenozza’s where he serves his family and friends drinks.

Often publising his favourite named ciders from his local supplier known as the ” Cider Shack” on the towns Greenwood road.


The local Cider Shack as it’s known


The Cider Shack as it’s known sits amongst a row of stores on the outskirts of the Yeovil town and most days has a large line of people lining up to make their purchases of their favourite tipple.

The shack also makes deliveries around the town to thirsty residents on a unique designed delivery cart which manages well as the little town of Yeovil has only a population of 50,000.

Cider Delivery Cart

It seem’s the market town of Yeovil Somerset due to its traditions is becoming popular with visitors from the US as the word spreads, Phillip Karmen from NYC told Global 24/7 News:

” Man, what a great little town, I’ve been there twice now, first time was business as I’m in the aviation industry and they make helicopters there as well as cider, I just had to take my wife Shari the second time to sample the local tastes especially the famous cider, we didn’t dare try the really strong ones, we stuck to one at 6.5% for the safe side” he laughed.

Parrett Named Cider

” Apparantly it’s named after a local river, what I can tell you it made me wobble down the sidewalks” Phillip finished with.


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