UK Lockdown Plans Leaked as more 'circuit breaks' planned

Global 24/7 News understands that UK Prime Minister has just warned every body in the UK :

“The easing of the lockdown “is entirely provisional and conditional” adding “everybody is still required to obey social distancing rules”

The warning comes after the Prime Minister allowed yesterday British people to go outside more and return to work after being on more stricter conditions, although many of the British public don’t agree with it, one British resident Daren Laventure from the East End of London city told us ” Our Prime Minister has not handled this well at all, we have the largest death rate in Europe and unlike other European countries such as Spain & Italy he’s already relaxing the rules, clearly he’s thinking more of the economy like Trump is, rather than the safety of the people”

Time will only tell if the UK Prime Minister has made the right call, but it appears he’s warned everyone today they could be sent back behind doors if they don’t obey the regulations set.

Although Kath Ridley from Wales on the border of England told us ” Nobody has really followed his regulations anyway here, it’s be a mockery from start to finish, I don’t expect anything to change now”


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