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  • British woman murdered in Pakistan
    British woman murdered in Pakistan

    A British woman has been found dead in the city of Lahore.

    British woman murdered in Pakistan. Mayra Zulfiqar, of Pakistani origin but living in London, was shot and strangled.

    Local news reports stated that she was killed for refusing to marry a man.

    Her friend, Mohammad Nazeer, explained to police that the man had threatened her if she did not comply with his wishes.

    An English speaking Pakistani newspaper reported that her body had been discovered with bullet wounds and signs of strangulation.

    However her cause of death still remains unclear. A police officer said “The woman had a bullet wound to the shoulder, but the exact cause of death will be known after her autopsy and forensic report, whether the death was due to a gunshot wound or whether her throat was strangled.”

    Two men have been detained for questioning over her death.

    Ms Zulfiqar had travelled to Pakistan for a wedding and had been staying with a friend for two months, although she lived in Feltham, West London.

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office said in a statement “We are supporting the family of a British woman who died in Pakistan and are urgently seeking more information from the local authorities. Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.”


UK News

  • Ex Cardiff City Footballer Layton Maxwell Now Drug Dealer Faces Jail
    Ex Cardiff City Footballer Layton Maxwell Now Drug Dealer Faces Jail

    Former Cardiff City Footballer Layton Maxwell faces jail for being a drug dealer.

    Former Cardiff City footballer Layton Maxwell turned to a life of crime and became a notorious drug dealer in South Wales.

    Although the law caught up with him and he now faces a long term in jail.

    Whilst hundreds of fans knew of his turn to crime, it took a few years for the law to catch up with him.

    Maxwell, who often posed as a satellite and TV aerial fitter, was shifting cocaine around the South Wales Valleys.

    Maxwell who’s career at the City was not the most successful due to being often overweight and unfit, was finally arrested last year in an investigation linked to a National Crime Agency probe known as Operation Venetic.

    Maxwell was one of the dozens of suspects held – and appeared in Cardiff Crown Court to admit conspiracy to supply the Class A drug cocaine.

    Assistant Chief Constable Dave Thorne said the raids in south Wales alone resulted in “two tonnes of drugs and millions of pounds in cash recovered.”

    He added: “Officers have seized 60kgs of cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin with an estimated street value of £6,000,000. In addition, more than £2.5 million in cash has also been seized.

    “We are committed to disrupting and dismantling organised crime groups, bringing people before the courts and removing drugs from our streets.”

    Cardiff fan Adam Brown said he was not at all surprised.

    ” When he was playing for the City, he was always out on the lash hanging out with ‘wrong uns.’

    “He was a flop as a midfielder really always fat and overweight and a bit of a scally according to his teammates at the time, they used to give him a wide berth.”



Usa News

  • Texan Toddler killed by dog
    Texan Toddler killed by dog

    A four-year-old girl from Texas has been killed by the family pet in her backyard.

    Texan Toddler killed by dog. The dog was a mixed-breed and was put to sleep on Saturday morning after the horrific incident.

    According to a local newspaper Elyah Brown died from her injuries on Friday evening at the Cook Children’s Medical Centre. It remains unclear what breed the dog was.

    Some claim it was a pit bull mix however City of Fort Worth spokesperson Dianne Covey stated that she could not name a specific breed. Family described little Elyah as a “wonderful” daughter.

    They said “She was a bright, beautiful and inspiring person. Elyah was 4 years old when her life was unfortunately cut short from an attack by a dog.” Fort Worth Police said the crimes against children unit has been notified and will investigate.

    No charges have so far been bought in connection with the incident.

    In a statement police chief Neil Noakes said “Anytime there is a loss of life, it’s a tragic incident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and all first responders that responded to this call.”


Portugal News

  • Cross Border Cooperation measures announced between Spain & Portugal
    Cross Border Cooperation measures announced between Spain & Portugal

    Spain and Portugal announced a series of measures on Saturday to strengthen cross-border cooperation, including better access to health and social services for citizens living along their shared 750-mile border.

    Following an annual summit in Guarda, Portugal, the prime ministers of both countries said a new identity card would allow people working on the other side of the border to access health services there.

    The measures are aimed at helping 1.6 million Portuguese and 3.4 Spanish inhabitants along the border, which comprises some of the poorest districts in both countries.

    At a press conference after the summit, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said ambulance services would operate across both countries so that patients could be served by the nearest vehicle, whether from Portugal or Spain.

    Other measures expected include bilingual schools and a joint centre for combating fires. A full package will be announced by the end of the day on Saturday.

    The border has remained open to workers and transport of goods between mid-March to July 1, despite the coronarivus pandemic. But it was closed to tourists, hurting local businesses reliant on tourism. [L8N2E826K]

    “I am in Portugal every day. Everyone knows me,” said Florencio Ramos Ramos from Spain who sells wild mushrooms in his shop in the tiny municipality of Salamanca.

    “But we’ve always been a disadvantaged zone – both the Portuguese side, and the Spanish,” he told Portuguese broadcaster RTP.

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