World News

  • At least 20 people killed in Baghdad bombing

    At least 20 people have died after a suicide bombing on a busy commercial street in Baghdad today (Thursday).

    At least 20 people killed in Baghdad bombing: The bombing has put an end to months of relative calm in the capital. The incident happened in an open-air market this morning with 20 dead and 40 injured according to an interior ministry official. In the rare “twin suicide” mission the first man said he felt sick which gathered people round him. He then detonated his explosives.

    A statement from the ministry said as people rushed to help the injured the second man detonated his device. Earlier on Thursday, military spokesman Yahya Rasool claimed that the two suicide bombers detonated their explosives as they were being pursued by security forces. The market, on Tayaran Square, had been busy after lockdown, with people shopping for clothes.

    Paramedics worked on the injured while police sealed off the area. The last suicide bombing took place in June 2019 and since then it has been relatively quiet. In January 2018, a suicide bombing in Tayaran Square killed more than 30 people, just a few months before the last parliamentary election.

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UK News

  • Miracle baby celebrates first birthday

    Miracle baby makes it to 12 months old

    Terrified parents Leah Rogers and William McCready were told might not survive a single day when he was born at 23 weeks.

    Baby Jase-James, whose mum thought she was having a miscarriage when she went into early labour, was given just five per chance of survival by doctors when he was born weighing just 20oz – or 590 grams, about the same as a block of butter or a can of soup.

    The tiny tot also suffered from two brain bleeds and a hole in his heart and was rushed to a specialist neonatal intensive care unit where he was put on a life support machine.

    Leah, a community carer, thought she was suffering a miscarriage when she started bleeding on January 5 last year, but doctors told her that she was going into labour.

    She gave birth to Jase-James at 10.21pm in Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where doctors delivered the devastating news that they did not expect him to survive the next day.

    He was then whisked off to Preston Royal Hospital for specialist neonatal care and it was two weeks before Leah could hold her precious son.

    But a year on, he weighs a healthy 17lb 3oz and has settled into the family home in Blackpool, Lancs.

    Leah, 21, said: “He’s doing brilliantly, we’re so proud of him. He is developing well and always smiling and laughing. He’s such a happy, cheeky little boy.

    “I never thought we would get this far, but we’re so happy to have him home. It’s amazing.”

    When Leah was finally able to hold him, he was still so small that his entire body fit into her hands.

    “It was so scary seeing him struggling and with so many wires and tubes coming out of him,” she said.

    “It was awful to be told that I was going to give birth but he might not make it and I couldn’t hold him. I couldn’t get my head around it.

    “It took around 10-15 minutes for him to take his first breath, it was a really scary time.

    My mum pleaded and begged them to do everything they could to keep him alive.”

    Brave Jase-James spent two months in the specialist unit at Preston before being transferred back to Blackpool Victoria in March.

    A machine helped him breathe as his lungs were not capable on their own.

    But, after two rounds of life-saving steroids and two operations, he was finally allowed home on May 9 and is now beaming at home with parents Leah and William, 19.

    Jase-James had to have an operation at Liverpool Hospital to save his eyesight and later underwent hernia repair surgery at Manchester Children’s Hospital.

    He also had to receive oxygen at home until August and his family had to wait for a cuddle due to lockdown.

    Leah said she was ‘extra careful’ with Jase-James because of how vulnerable he was.

    But since coming off the oxygen, she says the tough tot has come on ‘leaps and bounds’ and celebrated his birthday, earlier this month, with presents, balloons and a cake.

    She added: “Because of lockdown, everyone had to wait for a cuddle. It was especially tough for my niece who is just 10 years old and didn’t understand it all. But everyone has made up for it since then.

    “When he was discharged he was still on oxygen for a month or two. I didn’t even sleep. I just sat up all night watching him breathe.

    We had an apnea machine to monitor his breathing and we kept it on all day.

    “He has come on leaps and bounds since coming off the oxygen.

    “He’s recently trying to sit up on his own. I’ve never seen such a happy baby in my life, considering what he’s been through.”

    Speaking about how Jase-James is getting on now, Leah added: “He’s such a happy little boy and he’s a very healthy size now considering how little he was,” Leah said.

    “When he was born he wore tiny nappies that were the size of a bauble, but now he’s into size five.

    “We feel very lucky, it is just amazing. He’s started saying ‘Dadda’ and he’s rolling over and doing really well.

    “I just look at him sometimes and think I’m so proud to be his mum. He’s so strong and such a battler.”

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Usa News

  • Ferris Wheel ‘bunk up’ could lead to three years in Jail for Eric & Lori Harman

    A couple has been accused of having sex on a Ferris Wheel and posting the raunchy ride on a porn site.

    Eric Harmon, from Lexington, South Carolina, and Lori Harmon, of Garden City, South Carolina, face up to three years behind bars after being arrested for performing an alleged ‘sex act’ while riding the fairground attraction.

    The couple, both aged 36, have been accused of indecent exposure by police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after cops said they found a video of the romp on popular porn sites.

    The alleged incident happened on January 12 on the SkyWheel seafront attraction in the town, and the Harmons were arrested by the Horry County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday.

    A company spokesperson described the allegations as ‘extremely disturbing’.

    ‘SkyWheel Myrtle Beach prides itself in providing a safe, family friendly attraction and atmosphere’, officials said in a statement.

    ‘This incident that we are just becoming aware of is extremely disturbing. We have not been notified yet from the authorities regarding this incident, but are ready to cooperate in any way we can.

    These actions do not reflect our values, and we do not tolerate any behavior that does not coincide with our family-friendly environment.’

    The Harmons each face up to three years in prison on the charge if found guilty.





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Portugal News

  • Cross Border Cooperation measures announced between Spain & Portugal

    Spain and Portugal announced a series of measures on Saturday to strengthen cross-border cooperation, including better access to health and social services for citizens living along their shared 750-mile border.

    Following an annual summit in Guarda, Portugal, the prime ministers of both countries said a new identity card would allow people working on the other side of the border to access health services there.

    The measures are aimed at helping 1.6 million Portuguese and 3.4 Spanish inhabitants along the border, which comprises some of the poorest districts in both countries.

    At a press conference after the summit, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said ambulance services would operate across both countries so that patients could be served by the nearest vehicle, whether from Portugal or Spain.

    Other measures expected include bilingual schools and a joint centre for combating fires. A full package will be announced by the end of the day on Saturday.

    The border has remained open to workers and transport of goods between mid-March to July 1, despite the coronarivus pandemic. But it was closed to tourists, hurting local businesses reliant on tourism. [L8N2E826K]

    “I am in Portugal every day. Everyone knows me,” said Florencio Ramos Ramos from Spain who sells wild mushrooms in his shop in the tiny municipality of Salamanca.

    “But we’ve always been a disadvantaged zone – both the Portuguese side, and the Spanish,” he told Portuguese broadcaster RTP.

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