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  • Celebrity Katie Price left traumatised after her new teeth fall out

    A source said that the former glamour model was left ‘horrified’ after her new veneers fell out leaving her with stumps.

    Price, 42, reportedly ‘spat out’ the broken veneers to her horror during a romantic getaway with boyfriend Carl Woods in The Maldives.

    She stunned fans in August when she revealed her real teeth after travelling to Turkey to have her new veneers fitted, joking they made her look ‘like a Bond villain.’

    But sources close to her say that she has had to travel back to Turkey to have them refitted.

    The source said: “You can’t see from the front, but before the holiday a few of her veneers fell out.

    “She literally spat them out! She was horrified as now the veneers are loose on the pegs and she’s got a gap.

    “She’ll have to go back to Turkey after her Maldives holiday and get them sorted.”

    Katie, who is known for her mega watt smile, documented the procedure and wasn’t afraid to show how her teeth which had been shaved down to pegs to attach to the veneers.

    Brandishing her metal teeth, Katie said: ‘I’m feeling good. Just numb. I look like something out of James Bond. The man with metal teeth’, before doing a sinister laugh.

    The villain she is referring to is Jaws, who had tiny metal teeth.

    Carl Woods was also filmed lying in the dentist’s chair as he got his own set of veneers fitted.

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UK News

  • Claire Balding Reveals she has lost 90% of her hearing

    Clare Balding reveals hearing issues

    Sports presenter Clare Balding has admitted that she has lost 90% of her hearing capability and often has to guess what people are saying to her.

    She said that very often her wife, Alice Arnold, has to tell her to stop shouting.

    Her revelation came as she was filming a new panel show for DAVE televisoin channel called “Mel Giedroyc: Unforgivable”. on the show, which sees stars tell of their most shameful moments, Clare said “I really need to get my ears done. I’m at about ten percent and I guess the rest.

    My wife keeps saying to me, ‘Stop shouting!’ because I’m clearly over-projecting because I can’t hear myself.” Clare, 49, is currently in the process of promoting her new book called “Heroic Animals: 100 Amazing Creatures Great And Small which tells of her absolute love of animals and has 100 short factual stories of animals and their trust and loyalty throughout the years.

    While being interviewed by the BBC about the book she said that her life has been shaped more by animals than people.

    Clare, who was once herself an amateur jockey before becoming a presenter, said “They’ve made me kinder, more patient and more responsible. I think a lot of people feel the same although maybe not a lot say it. But then not many people say they love their pet more than their partner, and I think in some cases that’s definitely true. Animals make me happy and that is infectious as it makes other people happy and it means you end up being a very warm person I hope because you’re used to giving warmth from your pet and they give it back. It’s reciprocal. There’s lots of things I’ve learned from having animals and I’m still learning.”

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Usa News

  • 2020 election: Polls have Trump edging the Latino vote over Biden in key states such as New Jersey and Florida

    Despite what is deemed to be four years of the most restrictive immigration policies in American history mainly against people south of the border, many Latinos are voting red this November.

    Tens of thousands of people living in the USA, but who emigrated from countries such as Venezuela and Cuba, have been seen taking to the streets flying Trump 2020 and Latinos for Trumps flags.

    In Miami, Florida last week, an estimated 40,000 vehicles were used during a 5 mile caravan from the outskirts of the city to the Freedom Tower near Miami Dade college, all in support of Donald Trump.

    Similar things have happened in other cities, including in Democratic strongholds such as New York and California.

    However, the mainstream media have portrayed the President as a racist who hates Latinos. From the start of his presidential campaign in 2015, Trump warned of rapists and drug dealers streaming over the border from Mexico. In the White House, he’s moved to curb both legal and illegal immigration and questioned why the U.S. should take in people from “s—hole countries” like El Salvador and Haiti.

    Yet a poll by Quinnipiac University poll last month had Trump leading Joe Biden among Latinos in the battleground state of Florida by 45% to 43% and similar in other states such as Arizona and New Jersey.

    So why the endorsement?

    Marcos Marte, 27, of Union City, New Jersey, is one Latino voting Republican.

    Marte is voting for President Donald Trump, attracted by the Republican Party’s “Judeo-Christian” values and the president’s economic record before the coronavirus hit. He says he also likes Trump’s plans for securing the southern border and restricting illegal immigration.

    “We have to elevate ourselves and I think Donald Trump is the only president that I’ve seen in my adult life that is putting America’s citizens’ values front forward,” said Marte, who works in the banking industry.

    “No matter what, we can still get out of where we are and empower ourselves to make our lives better … He is putting that right in front of us.”

    Mirian Aguilar, a resident of New Brunswick, said: “Here in New Jersey we don’t see a candidate campaign targeting the Latino community.

    “The issue of immigration, which has always been important, was not even mentioned in the presidential or vice presidential debate. They have talked a lot about COVID, which has strongly affected us Latinos, but they do not say anything about specific help for people who do not have the luxury of working from home.”

    In interviews, Latinos who back Trump cite the president’s business background and the record employment numbers for Black and Hispanic Americans before the pandemic. They like the take-no-prisoners “energy” he brings to the office, even if that combative style has turned off other voters.

    Fernando Alonso, an attorney from Oradell whose parents emigrated from Cuba decades ago, said the violence that’s broken out at some racial justice protests has also turned off voters who may have memories of unstable, violent regimes in their home countries. Trump has blamed the unrest on Democrats.

    “Safety is really important to them,” said Alonso, who leads the Bergen County Hispanic Republican Association. “When they see those things on television, the riots, it’s not something they came to the United States to be part of.”

    Latinos make up the largest minority voting group in the country, with 32 million projected to be eligible to vote in next month’s election. The Garden State is home to about 948,000 of those eligible voters.

    And in California, a largely Democratic state, many Latinos are turning towards the President’s work-ethic and also scarred by the warring riots which have raged in cities such as Los Angeles and Anaheim which saw police officers and innocent citizens shot and stabbed.

    Martinez-Hanna is a Christian and a first-generation Mexican American who grew up in the U.S.-Mexico border town of Eagle Pass, Texas before settling down in California. She is the daughter of Mexican parents, who migrated to the U.S. in the late 40s and early 50s.

    She said that Latinos are mostly Democrat here and cannot see how one would vote Republican.

    Most of her friends, those who she thought would “never in a million years” turn on her, no longer speak to her.

    The isolation worsened in 2018, when she wanted to stop hiding her opinions and joined Latinos for Trump as an outspoken activist.

    “I wanted to show people that being a minority, you could be Republican,” said Martinez-Hanna, a 59-year-old resident of El Dorado Hills. “It throws people completely off, and they don’t like it.”

    Support for Trump among California Latinos has grown since 2016, according to polls, despite concern in the community about his immigration policies and disparaging remarks he’s made about immigrants throughout his presidency.

    Mike Madrid, co-founder of the Lincoln Project and an expert in Latino voting trends, said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has yet to win over Hispanic men in the same way Hillary Clinton did in 2016.

    A new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California released this week shows 57% of likely Latino voters in California – who Madrid said are mostly of Mexican descent – plan to vote for Biden and 33% for Trump. About 6% are undecided.


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Portugal News

  • Cross Border Cooperation measures announced between Spain & Portugal

    Spain and Portugal announced a series of measures on Saturday to strengthen cross-border cooperation, including better access to health and social services for citizens living along their shared 750-mile border.

    Following an annual summit in Guarda, Portugal, the prime ministers of both countries said a new identity card would allow people working on the other side of the border to access health services there.

    The measures are aimed at helping 1.6 million Portuguese and 3.4 Spanish inhabitants along the border, which comprises some of the poorest districts in both countries.

    At a press conference after the summit, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said ambulance services would operate across both countries so that patients could be served by the nearest vehicle, whether from Portugal or Spain.

    Other measures expected include bilingual schools and a joint centre for combating fires. A full package will be announced by the end of the day on Saturday.

    The border has remained open to workers and transport of goods between mid-March to July 1, despite the coronarivus pandemic. But it was closed to tourists, hurting local businesses reliant on tourism. [L8N2E826K]

    “I am in Portugal every day. Everyone knows me,” said Florencio Ramos Ramos from Spain who sells wild mushrooms in his shop in the tiny municipality of Salamanca.

    “But we’ve always been a disadvantaged zone – both the Portuguese side, and the Spanish,” he told Portuguese broadcaster RTP.

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